Robyn M. Blake, P.A.


Robyn M. Blake has handled a number of notable cases, including:

(Miami-Dade County Case No. 2008-21407-FC-04) – 2/18/09 — CASE DISMISSED. After an evidentiary hearing, Robyn Blake obtained a dismissal of a domestic violence injunction (restraining order) against her client. Robyn utilized ample documentary evidence to show the court that the Petitioner’s account of events did not add up. The Petitioner had ulterior motives for seeking an injunction against the client. The injunction was dismissed.


(Miami-Dade County Case No. F88-7919D) — 2/17/09 — CLIENT RELEASED FROM A LIFE SENTENCE. In this post-conviction matter, the defendant had been sentenced to life imprisonment for drug trafficking. The defendant fought his life sentence for more than seventeen years, using numerous attorneys to file sentencing motions on his behalf. All of his motions had been denied by the trial and appellate courts. Several attorneys rejected the defendant’s case because they did not think he had a chance of getting his sentence reduced. The client contacted Robyn Blake and retained her to review his sentence. Ms. Blake determined that there were several errors in the defendant’s guidelines scoresheet. Robyn Blake prepared an extensive motion to correct the defendant’s sentence. Based on the motion, the State agreed that the sentence should be reduced. On February 17, 2009, the court granted the motion to correct the client’s sentence and he was released from prison eight days later.


(United States District Court, Southern District of Florida, Miami Division, Case No. 08-CR-20742) — 11/18/08 — NOT GUILTY on the most critical charges. In this federal case, the defendant faced more than fifty-eight years of imprisonment for various drug and firearm-related crimes. Before trial, the Government offered the defendant a plea which would have resulted in a thirty-year prison sentence. Despite Ms. Blake’s repeated efforts, the Government refused to negotiate a lower plea. At a jury trial, the defendant contested only the most serious firearm charges. The defendant was found “not guilty” of two of the critical firearm charges and thereby avoided an additional fifty years of imprisonment.


(Broward County Case No. 07-19193 CF 10A) — 3/10/08 — NOT GUILTY. Robyn Blake won a jury acquittal for a substitute teacher accused of felony battery on a student in the classroom. The incident occurred at an alternative senior high school in Fort Lauderdale. Ms. Blake was able to show that the student assaulted the teacher, and that the teacher reacted in self-defense. The jury returned its “not guilty” verdict in less than 15 minutes. The initial story had been reported by every news agency in South Florida and numerous other online publications including the Los Angeles Times. News of the client’s acquittal was reported locally by NBC 6, WSVN, CBS4, the Miami Herald (Broward edition), and the Sun-Sentinel. The acquittal was also reported online by MSNBC.


(Broward County Case No. 06-2181 CF 10A) – 1/24/07 — NOT GUILTY ON ALL 14 COUNTS. Robyn Blake won a jury acquittal on all fourteen counts for a defendant who faced life in prison stemming from two home invasion robberies and a kidnapping. Robyn proved that the identification testimony from the five witnesses who identified the defendant was not credible. Five different police agencies were involved in the investigation of the case, and a total of twelve witnesses testified against the defendant over a two-week period.


(Miami-Dade County Case No. M05-17559) — 2/9/06 – NOT GUILTY. Robyn Blake won a jury acquittal for a defendant accused of battery. Robyn showed the jury that the alleged victim’s testimony was riddled with inconsistencies and fabrications. Based on the verdict, the State dropped two other cases against the defendant. The State dropped a fourth case against the defendant based on a lack of evidence.


(Monroe County Case No. 2005-DR-907-K) – 9/28/05 – CASE DISMISSED. After a hearing, Robyn Blake obtained a dismissal of a domestic violence injunction against her client. Robyn proved that her client did not pose a threat to the Petitioner. On the contrary, telephone records showed that the Petitioner was, in fact, stalking the client.


(Miami-Dade County Case Nos. F02-31214C and F02-31216C) – 9/13/04 – CASE DISMISSED. Robyn Blake obtained the defendant’s release on bond and ultimately a dismissal of eight counts of Armed Robbery against the defendant. Robyn’s investigation over several months revealed that her client was not involved in the robberies and that the actual perpetrator was incarcerated for a similar pattern of robberies. The prosecutor agreed to dismiss all charges.


(Miami-Dade County Case No. 250746W) – 1/21/04 – NOT GUILTY. Robyn Blake won a jury acquittal for a successful businessman charged with DUI. The police had alleged that the defendant failed to maintain a single lane and failed his roadside exercises. Ms. Blake showed the jury that the officer’s observations and testing procedures were unreliable.


(Miami-Dade County Case No. F03-11282) – 6/2/03 – CASE DISMISSED. In this high profile case, Robyn Blake obtained a dismissal for a substitute school teacher and former NFL linebacker accused of assaulting a middle school student. The story was reported by every news agency in South Florida and by the Associated Press. Ms. Blake was able to show that the alleged victim was a problem student with a history of disciplinary problems who initiated the incident by attacking the teacher. The teacher acted in self-defense. See News Article entitled “Teacher Vindicated in Claim of Assault”, Miami Herald, June 3, 2003.

Robyn Blake has also obtained dismissals in the following matters among others:

  • M20-13247
    (Miami-Dade) — 9/15/20
  • F19-10411
    (Miami-Dade) — 6/27/19
  • F18-5334
    (Miami-Dade) — 4/13/18
  • F17-13184
    (Miami-Dade) — 8/2/17
  • B16-26464
    (Miami-Dade) — 12/13/16
  • F16-17823
    (Miami-Dade) — 9/23/16
  • 12-15244 CF 10A
    (Broward) — 5/26/16
    (Miami-Dade) — 12/2/14
  • 14-8247 CF 10A
    (Broward) — 7/9/14
  • F15-7445
    (Miami-Dade) — 7/9/14
  • F14-13194
    (Miami-Dade) — 7/7/14
  • F13-30299
    (Miami-Dade) — 1/27/14
  • F13-28921
    (Miami-Dade) — 1/10/14
  • M13-29630
    (Miami-Dade) — 9/19/13
  • 12-12123 MM 10A
    (Broward) — 4/25/13
  • F11-16273
    (Miami-Dade) — 1/17/12
  • F10-2224
    (Miami-Dade) — 4/6/10 
  • B09-48885
    (Miami-Dade) — 12/10/09
  • M09-25575
    (Miami-Dade) — 8/20/09
  • J08-3992B
    (Miami-Dade) — 9/8/08
  • M07-53819
    (Miami-Dade) — 9/8/08
  • 2006-30602-FC-04
    (Miami-Dade) — 11/7/06
  • F05-30213
    (Miami-Dade) — 7/5/06
  • 2006-12531-FC-04
    (Miami-Dade) — 5/16/06
  • 2006-10773-FC-04
    (Miami-Dade) — 4/27/06
  • F05-33066
    (Miami-Dade) — 3/20/06
  • F05-31699B
    (Miami-Dade) — 3/20/06
  • 2005-27102-FC-04
    (Miami-Dade) — 11/8/05
  • F05-18177
    (Miami-Dade) — 6/28/05
  • F05-9737
    (Miami-Dade) — 4/15/05
  • 5732CRL
    (Miami-Dade) — 9/29/04
  • B04-10612
    (Miami-Dade) – 5/4/04
  • F03-17259A
    (Miami-Dade) – 12/1/03
  • M02-41369
    (Miami-Dade) – 10/28/03
  • 03-11073 CF 10A
    (Broward) – 7/03
  • M03-8936
    (Miami-Dade) – 5/15/03
  • M03-642
    (Miami-Dade) –4/29/03
  • 99-29759 MM A02
    (West Palm Beach) –1/21/03
  • M02-3971
    (Miami-Dade) – 2/26/02
  • F01-28471
    (Miami-Dade) – 10/26/01
  • B01-37722
    (Miami-Dade) – 8/30/01
  • F01-10850
    (Miami-Dade) – 5/4/01